Archival Collections


Prepare to lose yourself in a multilingual collection of free books, journals, films, photographs, audio, video, newspapers, software, and internet history from contributing libraries and historic organizations worldwide.

Founded in 1996, this San Francisco based non-profit digital library offers permanent access for researchers, historians, scholars, people with disabilities, and the general public to historical archives and digital collections.


British Pathé is newsreel archive housing 85,000 films of cultural signifiance captured between 1896 and 1976. Browse their collection documenting almost 100 years of manufacturing techniques, advancements in technology, moments in popular culture, and major world events.








Follow the British Pathé Blog to stay up to date with fun or thought provoking material straight out of their collection, or browse their YouTube channel.


Shared Shelf Commons is a digital online collection of images controlled by independent contrubuting collections, hosted by ArtStor. Each image and collection is unique to its contributing institution, creating a constantly changing, unexpected group of digital browsing material.

Browse hightlights: Yale University Art Gallery: Dura-Europos Collection, Cornell: Loewentheil Collection of African-American Photographs, Philadelphia Museum of Art Library and Archives, Hamilton College: Geosciences Rock Collection, our own Middlebury College Museum of Art and many more.


History of Art Collections


Browse the Met's collection online, containing 440,955 high resolution digitized works of art available to download for scholarly use.


Artstor is a vast online collection (over 1.8 million and growing) of images for teaching and learning in the arts and associated fields.

Use your Middlebury College e-mail to register and begin browsing Artstor Digital Library for art in internationally renound collections or view images submitted to Artstor from Middlebury College Museum of Art, and the Visual Resources Collection.

Use Artstor Offline Image Viewer (OIV) to arrange lectures with Artstor images, and to easily incorporate your own images from personal collections or any other source.


The British Library's online gallery gives digital access to countless historic maps, books, and online exhibitions from their collection.

Browse freely, or register to add your own analysis of their vast selection of scholarly material with subject tagging and commentary.


Housed within the Oxford Classical Art Research Center, the Beazley Archive contains photographs, negatives, drawings, notebooks, gem impressions, publications, and archival material. The Beazley Archive is known for the world's largest collection of anchient figure-decorated pottery.

Browse the Beazley Archive for Pottery, Terracottas, Plaster Casts, Gems, Antiquarian Books, Photographs and Glass Sildes.


The Digital Collections of Trinity College Library Dublin has made over one hundred thousand high quality images of their collection of paintings, manuscripts, photographs, and prints available online for scholarly research.


Funded by the Andrew M. Mellon Foundation, the Mapping Gothic France project set out to create a virtual space where beautifully digitized images of Gothic architecture and monuments are brought together with the history of the time period and their geographical region. Compare and contrast these architectural marvels while learning about the various societal influences in their design and construction.

Begin your search by browsing the main map,  viewing an interactive timeline, reading stories and essays, or browsing selected comparisons.


Hosted by The Courtauld Institute of Art, this online database documents ivory sculptures made in Western Europe (ca. 1200 - ca. 1530, including neo-Gothic ivory peices) from contributing institutions worldwide.