Many of Middlebury’s departments, offices, and programs offer special resources and support for our remote learners. Find out more about the resources that specifically meet your needs!

Anderson Freeman Intercultural Resource Center

The AFC works to promote an inclusive and welcoming learning environment for the Middlebury community, supporting the following individuals:

  • Students of color
  • First-generation college students
  • Students from low-income backgrounds
  • LGBTQ+ students
  • Any other students who have been historically underrepresented or marginalized in U.S. higher education. 

In conjunction with the Center for the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity, the AFC provides resources and programming that encourage the holistic development of Middlebury’s increasingly diverse undergraduate students as they attain their goals of academic achievement and personal growth while exploring and sustaining their identities and cultures.



BLUEprint empowers students to discover their best selves while experiencing all that Middlebury has to offer. Students work with mentors and advisers to explore their personal values, interests and curiosities, and apply these to their personalized path, which begins at Middlebury and continues beyond graduation. BLUEprint combines practical tools and life skills into a distinctively Middlebury experience for all students. A series of workshops, activities, mentorship and events, BLUEprint is designed to unlock individual potential, to identify a personal path for optimizing the Middlebury experience, to discover your passion, and to become a self-advocate for pursuing your purpose beyond Middlebury.

BLUEprint offers virtual spring programming for remote learners. Available programs can be found on the Middlebury College student activities platform Presence. Details of programs will become available in late February and be posted throughout the course of the semester. Be on the lookout for our programs on career exploration, developing mentoring relationships with alums, values and interests identification, personal finance and many more.

Contact: Rob Moeller, Director of Residential Education and Innovation, at  

Center for Careers and Internships

The CCI advisors and resources focus on areas of career exploration; health professions; fellowships; and internships, both traditional and self-designed. The CCI helps you find opportunities—locally and around the world—to craft an international immersion experience, begin your career exploration, find internships, prepare for graduate study, identify fellowships, and locate funding for projects. As you head toward senior year, the CCI also provides on-campus and off-campus recruiting programs and advice on graduate school application processes.

Take advantage of our full range of support and resources with a variety of online tools:

Contact: Nicole Veilleux at

Center for Community Engagement

The CCE supports students to use what they’re learning in the classroom to address real-world issues, develop civic skills, discover knowledge, and meet new people while contributing to the public good.

Subscribe to our weekly CCE newsletter for information on things like the following:

  • Funding opportunities to earn grants for taking action in your home communities or remotely.
  • Volunteer opportunities to explore and apply your interests.
  • Ways to join others remotely in student-led service organizations doing tutoring and mentoring, supporting democracy initiatives, and addressing poverty.
  • Upcoming learning programs, like our CCE-staff taught project-based course, the Privilege and Poverty Academic Cluster, or Language in Motion partnerships with schools.

Contact: Kailee Brickner-McDonald, Program Director, at

Civil Rights and Title IX

The Civil Rights and Title IX (CRTIX) Office administers the College’s Non-Discrimination Policy and oversees efforts for the prevention, education, and response to reports of illegal harassment and discrimination, whether based on sex, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, veteran’s status, or other protected personal characteristics. Sexual misconduct is also prohibited under Middlebury College’s Non-Discrimination Policy.

Middlebury continues to be responsive to all reports of possible harassment or discrimination, including situations occurring in remote learning environments. Remote students can contact the CRTIX office by phone (802-443-2147), email (, or through our online reporting form ( If you provide your contact information, a member of the CRTIX team will contact you to discuss your concerns and explain your rights and options, whether through Middlebury or through local resources.

The CRTIX team can provide referrals to local resources as needed, and assist with arranging academic accommodations or other supportive measures that may help facilitate your full participation in Middlebury’s educational program.

Contact: Marti McCaleb at 

DACA and Undocumented Students

Middlebury welcomes and supports students who are undocumented or DACA-designated throughout their time at the College. International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) and the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (OIDEI) are committed to supporting students by providing information about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and other related resources in an effort to help students and their supporters.

Contact: Miguel Fernández, Middlebury’s Chief Diversity Officer, at

Disability Resource Center

The Disability Resource Center works to provide greater access to students with a large range of disabilities. Students with learning disabilities, attention disorders, conditions impacting vision and hearing, medical and psychological conditions, and more have received assistance through our office. The DRC provides academic, residential, and dining accommodations, such as the following:

  • Flexible options related to the use of webcams and microphones during class.
  • Permission to take a brief break from class to refocus, shift to a different position or area, or to tend to medical needs.
  • Captioning or transcriptions of class content.
  • Note-taking assistance or permission to record lectures.
  • Additional individualized support for students approved for assisted registration.
  • Helping students with disabilities connect with CTLR to improve time management and organizational skills as online courses can impact a student’s ability to keep a schedule. 

Contact: Jodi Litchfield and Peter Ploegman at

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (OIDEI) serves as a hub for education, support services, advocacy and accountability related to diversity, equity and inclusion at Middlebury.

OIDEI provides programming and resources, such Opportunity Grant Funding, that:

  • Celebrate and affirm diverse identities and lived experiences.
  • Offer development opportunities designed to help members of the campus community better understand and address barriers related to access, opportunity and full participation.
  • Coordinate reporting processes and ensure there is a fair and equitable response to campus climate concerns and violations of related campus policies.
  • Identify institutional goals, advocate for change.
  • Provide both transparency and accountability about our progress in working toward those goals.

Contact: Naomi Neff at 

DLINQ Student Internship Program

The DLINQ student internship program is designed to provide opportunities for Middlebury students to work on meaningful and impactful digital projects. DLINQ Interns work with DLINQ staff mentors and are offered continuous learning opportunities. As such, the program is aligned with Middlebury’s strategic direction focused on developing students’ digital fluency and critical engagement with the digital. 

The DLINQ interns have created a Remote Student Guide that links to a variety of resources for remote students, including a Continuity Planner and Study Guide created by the interns.

Contact: Joe Antonioli at

Fellowships and Undergraduate Research

Fellowships and Undergraduate Research in the CTLR provide advising on nationally competitive fellowships and undergraduate research opportunities both on and off campus. All services are available remotely.

  • Schedule a Remote advising appointment for Fellowships and Undergraduate Research .
  • Find lists of opportunities, advice about applying, as well as recorded info sessions.
  • Learn about remote options for the Spring Student Symposium in May for both presenters and attendees. 

Contact: Lisa Gates at or  

Foreign Language Tutoring

Foreign language peer tutors can help students with a variety of assignments and learning goals related to a language course that they are currently taking.

Language tutors do the following:

  • Explain concepts that students have difficulty understanding.
  • Use alternate methods and examples to explain content and help students understand.
  • Help students identify patterns in their speaking and writing.
  • Share successful study strategies based on experience and training.
  • Believe a student’s work should reflect his or her own ability-not that of the tutor.
  • Give positive reinforcement and help students become more confident in their own abilities.

Contact: Diane DeBella at 

Innovation Hub

Through funding, classes, workshops, and mentoring, as well as dedicated workspaces for ideation and collaboration, the Innovation Hub guides and supports students who want to explore and expand their creative ideas.

Most of the Innovation Hub’s programing will be remote for students this year. The best way to start is by getting to know the programs that interest you and set up an appointment with our faculty or staff.

Contact: Heather Neuwirth Lovejoy at 

International Student and Scholar Services

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) supports and advises international members of our community who will study, work and conduct research in the U.S. in Middlebury’s well-regarded academic programs and educational endeavors.

ISSS provides visa support services, early arrival orientation sessions, and informational events related to F-1 student visa status benefits such as Curricular Practical Training and Optional Practical Training authorization.

The ISSS hopes to resume matching students with local community members through our Friends of International Students host program once the pandemic subsides.

Contact: Loren Scott at

Learning Resources at CTLR

Professional and peer staff at Learning Resources are available to meet via Zoom with students for assistance with time management skills, study skills and course load planning. Learning Resources helps students obtain the best results from the time and energy they put into their work. These skills also help students to balance academic work with other interests and self care.

In meeting with someone from Learning Resources, remote students get access not just to important skills for managing their academic work, but also an opportunity to learn more about the culture of Middlebury and ask questions such as How do I approach my professor? How do I participate in class discussions? How will I manage all this reading? Begin by requesting a meeting with an ACE (Academic Consultant for Excellence). 

Contact: Jennifer Bates at

Middlebury College Store

The Middlebury College Store supplies educational tools such as books (through partnership with MBS Direct), student supplies, Middlebury insignia items, as well as a variety of other merchandise and services necessary to enhance the quality of life and broaden the learning experience of the College Community.

With the online store, all items for sale are readily available for purchase, and shipping to any location on the globe. The Middlebury College Store is a certified Apple reseller, and can offer electronic tools (e.g. MacBooks, iPads, cases, etc) to remote students via our online store. Its partnership with MBS Direct to supply textbooks, and other course materials, allows remote learners a way of accessing items needed for class without falling behind their on campus peers. MBS Direct offers 24/7 customer service, so when the Store staff is not available to help answer questions or solve issues, MBS is!

Contact: Erin Jones-Poppe at

Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar maintains the academic records of all students, past and present. It fills transcript requests and oversees course registration and add/drop, processes transfer credit and AP credit, processes major declarations and final grades, and verifies degree completion.

  • Academic records forms can be completed electronically and are available on the website.
  • Students can order official transcripts with Middlebury’s online transcript service, Parchment. 

Contact: Lindsay Christian at to learn more or if you have any questions. 

Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs

The Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs (RCGA) is Middlebury College’s hub for international and global activities. Through a diverse set of programs, the Center reaches across boundaries of language, culture, and geography to engage students’ capacity for rigorous analysis and independent thought in a rapidly changing world. 

The Rohatyn Center hosts a wide range of internationally and globally oriented lectures, panels, and colloquia. Topics span disciplines and world regions, and speakers include academics, policy makers, practitioners, creative writers, journalists, and more.

The offerings are greatly enriched by the Rohatyn Student Advisory Board (RSAB), which hosts student-designed events and publishes the Middlebury Journal for Global Affairs, a peer-reviewed undergraduate journal featuring students’ incisive academic papers and research on global issues.

In order to be added to be added to the RCGA email list for events, please send a message to

Contact: Charlotte Tate at to learn more or if you have any questions. 

Scott Center for Spiritual and Religious Life

Staff at the Scott Center for Spiritual and Religious Life are educators, compassionate caregivers, ritual leaders, allies, and advocates. The Scott Center helps create a campus atmosphere that is open to religious and non-religious faith and practice and that encourages moral reflection and spiritual development. Our programs create opportunities for fruitful dialogue on meaning-making, religion, and spirituality to foster respect for all the beliefs and practices of the people who make up the Middlebury community. 

Middlebury’s chaplains love to have 1:1 conversations about life’s big questions! You can make an appointment for a virtual chat over tea with any of our staff—great listeners for anything that may be on your mind, from the minute to the sublime. 

Contact: Ellen McKay at 

STEM and Social Sciences Tutoring

The CTLR connects students with quantitative and subject peer tutoring in STEM and the social sciences. Tutors can guide students on study skills, assignments, quantitative projects, and test preparation. All tutoring is available remotely.

Request an appointment with one of the STEM peer tutors and check out the online study guide at STEM Support. 

Contact: JoAnn Brewer at 

Student Financial Services Office

Student Financial Services is your one-stop-shop for financial aid information. We serve all student populations (including first year, transfer, returning, study abroad and language schools). Middlebury upholds a need-blind admission policy and commits to meeting the full demonstrated financial need of every admitted student.

The SFS team is available for zoom appointments or phone calls. Please email with your questions or to request a meeting.

Contact: Kim Downs-Burns at 

Student Life Deans

At the time of matriculation, you will be affiliated with one of the Student Life Deans who will follow you throughout your years of study at the College.

The Student Life Deans are here to assist and advise you as you navigate your academic and personal life as a Middlebury College student. Our deans can listen, counsel, support, and facilitate connecting you with other timely resources at the College.  We encourage you to explore your personal identities and ideologies through this lived experience and hope to help you grow confident in advocating your concerns and requests.  Most importantly, we provide close support through any difficulties or conflicts that may arise for you along the way. 

Jennifer Sellers, Senior Student Life Dean,, (802) 443-3340

Scott Barnicle, Student Life Dean,, (802) 443-3310

Matt Longman, Student Life Dean,, (802) 443-3350

Emily Van Mistri, Student Life Dean,, (802) 443-3340

The Feminist Resource Center at Chellis House

The Feminist Resource Center serves as an informational, educational, and cultural resource for the students, staff, and faculty at Middlebury College. The center aims to provide a forum for the advancement of feminist issues at Middlebury College by organizing a host of co-curricular programming and working in close collaboration with student organizations such as Feminist Action at Middlebury, Womxn of Color, Sister-to-Sister, Brother-to-Brother, Stop Traffic, and the Queer Studies House.

Throughout the spring semester, there are a number of events planned and would love for remote learners to engage in our co-curricular programming.

Contact: Karin Hanta at 

Writing Center

The Writing Center supports students with many different genres and styles of writing, as well as many different aspects of the writing development process, such as developing writing motivation and confidence, engaging in writing project planning, decoding professor feedback, and learning and applying revision strategies. Students are welcome to bring in creative projects, personal statements, and other non-course-based writing.

Services include the following: 

  • Online peer tutoring by appointment through WCOnline.
  • Professional tutoring by appointment through LibCal.
  • Course-based peer tutoring in select FYS, CW, and WRPR courses.
  • Group writing events, such as our annual fall Write-In.
  • “Conversation circles” for students who want to work on their spoken English.
  • Self-service resources and links.
  • Training, research opportunities, and paid employment for students who work as peer writing tutors.

Contact: Genie Nicole Giaimo at