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WorldViews Speaker Series 2019

The Middlebury Institute Speaker Series features an array of Middlebury Institute faculty experts discussing perspectives on new global realities.

General Information

Join Middlebury Institute faculty as they discuss perspectives on new global realities. Talks will be 75 minutes long, with a half-hour reception following, generously sponsored by Scheid Vineyards.


$10 each. Limited availability.
Register here!


Lecture 6:00 p.m.–7:15 p.m.
Reception 7:15 p.m.–7:45 p.m.


McGowan Building MG102
411 Pacific Street

William Arrocha

Stemming the Tide toward Nationalism

Wednesday, February 13, 2019
William Arrocha

Dr. Arrocha is passionate about the struggle for human rights and social justice. He is interested in the interface of migration, human rights, and human security, and explores through his research the causes of oppression and social exclusion. His work is informed by Neo-Gramscianism and applies a critical theory approach to politics and development. In his classes as well as his research, he constantly explores the connections of ideas, institutions and material capabilities as they shape the structures of political, social, and economic power. He considers that social justice cannot occur without a strong civil society that works towards eliminating all forms of social injustice and oppression.

Jason Blazakis

New Threats: Terrorism and Cybercrimes

Wednesday, March 13, 2019
Jason Blazakis and Moyara Ruehsen

Jason Blazakis

Jason’s areas of interests include sanctions, terrorism financing, terrorist motivation and behavior, counterterrorism methods, violent extremism, terrorist use of the internet, terrorism and the media, and the role of intelligence in informing national security decision-making.


Moyara Ruehsen

Professor Moyara Ruehsen oversees the Financial Crime Management Program. Her primary areas of interest include: Money Laundering, Terrorism Financing, Proliferation Financing, Corruption, PEP Monitoring, Cyber-enabled Financial Crime, Sanctions, Compliance, and BSA/AML Compliance.

Pushpa Iyer

Identity through the Words of Another

Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Pushpa Iyer and Thor Sawin

Pushpa Iyer

Pushpa's current research interests include: non-state armed groups, challenges to peacebuilding,  identity conflicts, civil wars, peace processes, diversity, equity and inclusion in higher education campuses and the regions of south and south-east Asia.

Thor Sawin

Thor Sawin

Thor's approach to the study of human language centers on hospitality and wonder. He believes language learning is the ultimate form of respect you can show a culture, and speaking to someone in their own words can be a powerful gift. He is passionate about training learners to notice, be fascinated by, and grow competence in the complex multilingual practices around them, and increasingly in the ways that technology helps learners to do so. Learning and using others’ ways of speaking is essential to any cross-cultural social engagement, and he wants to equip organizations with effective language acquisition policies and practices.