| by Barbara Burke

Dear Middlebury Institute Students:

As the COVID vaccine becomes more available, we are seeing the following two opportunities for some, but not all, students currently living in Monterey County to sign up for an appointment to receive the vaccine. 

  • Teaching Assistants and Graduate Assistants in higher education have just been added to the “educator tier”, which officially opened for vaccines on March 3.  If you are currently employed as a Teaching Assistant, Graduate Assistant, or Graduate Research Assistant at MIIS, you are eligible.  You will need to provide a photo ID and a copy of your latest MIIS pay stub to show proof that you qualify.
  • Beginning on March 17, individuals between 16 – 64 years of age with a medical condition or disability that puts them at high risk for morbidity or mortality as defined by the California Department of Public Health. These conditions are defined as cancer, chronic kidney disease of stage four or above, chronic pulmonary disease, Down syndrome, immunocompromised immune system from solid organ transplant, pregnancy, sickle cell disease, heart failure, coronary artery disease, cardiomyopathies (excluding hypertension), severe obesity, and Type 2 diabetes mellitus.

More information can be found at the Monterey County Department of Health Vaccine webpage, which is best navigated using Chrome. This contains detailed information and also the numerous vaccine sites where you can sign up for an available appointment.  If you currently qualify, there are many options for getting appointments for the vaccine.  If you can find an available appointment, take it!  But, only sign up in one place, not in multiple locations.  Other options include:

  • Check with your primary care provider to see if they have vaccine available.
  • Many are reporting that CVS frequently has appointments available both in Monterey and other near-by locations. 
  • The website www.vaccinespotter.org is a handy tool for searching out available appointments at nearby pharmacies by zip code and date. 

Note that some options are currently limiting their appointments to K-12 educators only and are requiring an educator code in order to register.  We do not have any information on the educator codes.

I will continue to provide updates as I receive more information in the coming weeks.


Barbara Burke

Executive Assistant to the Vice President