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The event will be used for an info session for the China and Bhutan immersive professional learning program, hosted by Carolyn Meyers, Director of the Immersive Professional Learning and Special Programs, and faculty involved in the program - Wei Liang, Yuwei Shi, and Jessica Teets.

This course will examine a broad range of development policies and challenges that present both opportunities and challenges to China and Bhutan as well. The course is to be offered as a spring 2020 elective (to be completed in summer 2020) for all interested MIIS and Middlebury students. Student will be able to work on a group project to collectively address a broad research question on the drivers and process of adopting sustainable development strategies and how different development models have achieved varying outcomes.

The course consists of three modules: the preparatory module consisting of lectures by the instructors (Wei Liang, Yuwei Shi, and Jessica Teets) and background research conducted by students on specific topical areas, the 2-week study trip in China and Bhutan with site visits and guest lectures by prominent academics and practitioners from universities, businesses, governments, and NGOs, and the post-trip book writing project.

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Open to all interested MIIS students.

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Linny Tran