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A Seminar, The Nuclear Security Summit Seoul 2012, Speaker Anthony J. Thomas Fifty-three heads of state and government, as well as representatives of four major international organizations gathered for the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, Republic of Korea, in March 2012. In the realm of international dialogue, few events have garnered this level of simultaneous personal engagement of world leaders. Grappling with the complex issue of nuclear security, the degree of preparation and coordination was on par with the magnitude of the event itself. The culmination of this two-year effort was the Nuclear Security Summit Communique which set forth a number of objectives supported by the world leaders at the Summit. These objectives translate into dynamic considerations. So where do we go from here? Anthony J. Thomas is the CBRNE Terrorism Prevention Programme Manager at INTERPOL in Lyon, France. He served as the INTERPOL Sherpa for the Nuclear Security Summit process and served as the senior advisor to the INTERPOL Secretary General at the Summit. Mr. Thomas is seconded to INTERPOL from the FBI, where he is a senior Supervisory Special Agent with 24 years of service. He has had a wide variety of domestic and international assignments and holds a MA in Diplomacy, with a concentration in International Conflict Management.

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