V499 Videoconference Rm

Closed to the Public

The “Cyber Hour” event series, hosted by the Cyber Security Working Group (CSWG), is intended to provide our MIIS community with a space for discussions surrounding the evolving global cyber threat landscape. Designed for people of all levels of interest, expertise, and backgrounds, meeting participants will enjoy engaging in thought-provoking conversations, learning from guest speakers, and taking technical workshops to enhance their knowledge and proficiency of cyber security. Our aim is to increase cyber resilience among individuals, our communities, and ultimately, nation states. “Cyber Hour” is open to active members of the CSWG. However, non-CSWG club members are encouraged and welcome to participate upon request. Please contact the CSWG leadership for further details.

Sponsored by:
MIIS Organization

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Giovana Rodrigues Manfrin