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What’s New About Cyber Risk? Securing Cities the Smart Way.

Cybersecurity concerns about the extensive use of ICTs and the increased adoption of the Internet-of-Things in cities have caused warning bells to go off. Stretching across all domains, from transportation to public safety, manufacturing and many others, smart technologies enable new models to conduct business, deliver services and support decision making. Yet, increased connectivity and vulnerabilities in smart technologies account for new types of emerging risk that cities must learn to manage. Identifying a series of attributes and dynamics that cause city-wide challenges, this talk explores the technical, organizational and policy elements that ensure cybersecurity and resilience in smart cities. Examples will illustrate how best practices and standards in the areas of cybersecurity, resilience, privacy and governance make smart cities secure and safe. The presentation draws from a joint industry project that aims to raise awareness among senior city executives and smart city managers for the importance of cybersecurity and resilience in smart cities.

Dr. Andreas Kuehn is a Senior Program Associate within the EastWest Institute’s Global Cooperation in Cyberspace program. As a Cybersecurity Fellow, Dr. Kuehn conducted research on cybersecurity policy, vulnerability markets and disclosure arrangements at Stanford University’s Center for International Security and Cooperation and was an adjunct researcher at the RAND Corporation, where he worked on cyber risk and the cyber insurance industry.

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