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The financial sector is an increasingly important part of the TILM market, but there’s a lot of different stakeholders in the financial sector, and some of the terminology is confusing: hedge funds don’t really hedge, investment banks don’t really invest… or bank. We’ll be sorting out who does what and why, and where TILM professionals might get involved.

Speaker Jonathan Rechtman, is a Chinese-English conference interpreter and the co-founder of Cadence, a leading provider of language services to the global investment community. He has 8+ years experience interpreting for global financial leaders, from central bankers and finance ministers to the heads of some of the world’s largest hedge funds and investment banks. He is a regular speaker, writer, and educator on finance for language professionals.

This is the first session of “Money Talks,” a four-part series on finance in the TILM industry co-developed for MIIS by Cadence and Training the Street.

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