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MIMUG - The New Globalist

Technology continues to add boundless possibilities to the language services industry. However, technology has been moving much faster than our cerebral apparatus is able to keep up with. How can we use technology to evolve into new roles and re-imagine our professional landscape? Truly leveraging the best of our current framework requires a deep introspective dive into who we are and what we do as project managers but most importantly as people.

Gabriel Fairman was raised speaking Portuguese, English and Spanish. During college, he picked up Chinese, Italian and French and dove deeper into the philosophical foundations of the production of meaning majoring in “The Death and Re-Birth of Human Agency”. This provided him with the perfect launch pad to envision Bureau Works. He took the company from a local translation supplier in Brazil to a cutting-edge global translation technology company. In addition to his devotion to Bureau Works, Gabriel loves tennis, playing the guitar, cooking and spending time with his wife and kids.

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