Jason Spindler with three friends

Jason Spindler committed his life to ending drivers of terrorism through social entrepreneurship.

As a 9/11 survivor and responder, the event changed his life and drove him into the field of social impact investing. His experiences and commitment to public service guided him to the Middlebury Institute, where he taught in the Frontier Market Scouts Program. Jason was killed on January 15, 2019 in a terrorist attack in Nairobi, Kenya which claimed the lives of 21 people.

Jason Spindler

To continue his life’s work of making a positive impact in the world and inspiring young leaders, join Jason’s family, friends, and colleagues in supporting the Jason Spindler Frontier Market Scouts Scholarship. Your gift will provide tuition support for participants in the FMS program. Visit the online giving site or consider setting up a recurring gift to make an even bigger impact.

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Jason Spindler’s Lifetime Legacy

Jason fully embodied the spirit of the FMS Program and his social impact mission. He started his career as an investment banker on Wall Street where he survived the 9/11 terrorist attack; the event which compelled him to leave investment banking, pursue a law degree, and later move abroad. He served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Peru, further fueling his interest in social entrepreneurship, and later co-founded I-DEV International, a strategy consulting and investment services corporation.

Jason’s experiences and commitment to public service made him an ideal teacher for the FMS Program at MIIS. “Jason was a perfect role model for our FMS Fellows, who are attracted to the program to build a career in enterprise and investment management while keeping true to high ideals,” said program co-founder, Dr. Shi.

Memorializing a Life’s Work

To memorialize Jason’s life and continue the work he loved so dearly, his family, colleagues, and friends created the Jason Spindler FMS Scholarship which, so far, has provided financial support for six students to participate in the FMS Program.

A generous donor who believes in the power of social investing has agreed to match all gifts to the scholarship fund dollar-for-dollar up to $40,000. Click here and make a gift today to honor Jason’s life and mission and to ensure his work continues through others.