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Adam Henry
McCone Building
(831) 647-4185

Dr. Adam Henry is adjunct faculty at MIIS, and teaches Intro to Intercultural Competence. Henry is also the director of the Study Abroad Office at Arizona State University (ASU), and faculty associate for the ASU School of Politics and Global Studies. He was recently a subject matter expert and instructor of the U.S. State Department grant funded massive open online course: Study Abroad USA: Building Capacity for US Institutions. As director of the ASU Study Abroad Office, Henry helps direct the long-term vision of study abroad at ASU and its connection across disciplines. He leads the office and works closely with a wide array of ASU faculty and senior administration to develop and advance study abroad goals and initiatives for the institution. 
Before directing the ASU Study Abroad Office, Henry worked directly with international students through ASU’s ESL program. Prior to ASU, he managed a volunteer/advocacy program for an international non-governmental organization (NGO).  He also lived, studied & worked in China for three years.  He has studied, volunteered and traveled extensively in Guatemala, Kenya, South Africa, all of the Middle East, and China. His dissertation title was The Development and Implementation of a Pre-International Course: A Cultural Intervention in a University Setting (2014).

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Introduction to Intercultural Competence addresses the theory and practice of working and living in cultures other than your own, and focuses on cultural preparation and competency building to engage successfully with diverse cultures. The content of this course identifies a variety of ways for individuals to be more successful in working with diverse groups – both in the U.S. and outside of the U.S. The course is also intended to assist graduate students to develop an awareness of intercultural sensitivity and recognize its value, gain specific intercultural competencies to be more effective in the workplace, and enable students to better understand their own culture and ethnic background so they can understand others at a more meaningful level.

Fall 2018 - MIIS, MIIS First Half of Term, Spring 2019 - MIIS, MIIS First Half of Term, Fall 2019 - MIIS, MIIS First Half of Term, Spring 2020 - MIIS, MIIS First Half of Term

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Areas of Interest

Dr. Henry is passionate about seeing students understand the importance of international education, and their role of including others in the process. By teaching at MIIS, he has the privilege of working with tomorrow’s global leaders and affecting students in the way they strategically think about how to influence the field as both students and professionals.
Research interests include cross-cultural training, study abroad and international education management, expatriate training and preparation, organizational leadership, international partnerships, and the teaching of intercultural competency within higher education.

Academic Degrees

  • Ed.D. in Leadership and Innovation, Arizona State University
  • M.Ed. in Educational Leadership/Adult Education, Northern Arizona University
  • B.A. in International Studies, Grand Canyon University.

Dr. Henry has been teaching at the Institute since 2016.


  • IIE's Generation Study Abroad Summit 2015 (Washington, DC), September 2015
    Presentation: Transforming the Education Abroad Brand: Reaching New Populations, Curriculum Integration, and Institutional Engagement
  • The Forum on Education Abroad Conference (New Orleans, LA), March 2015
    Presentation: The Research, Development and Implementation of a Pre-International Experience Course for Study and Intern Abroad Participants
  • NAFSA Regional Conference, Region II (Tucson, AZ), October 2014
    Presentation:  The Development and Implementation of a Pre-International Experience Course: Two Case Studies at a Private and Public Institution
  • Workshop on Intercultural Skills Enhancement (WISE) Conference 2014 (Winston-Salem, North Carolina), February 2014
    Presentation: Pre-and-Post Cultural Preparation Courses: The “Nuts and Bolts” of Course Design and Implementation in a University Setting
  • The Forum on Education Abroad Conference (Denver, CO), March 2012
    Presentation: Assessment & Marketing: Using Data to Shape and Promote a Message of Transformation and Strategic Integration