Professor Sehr-Stewart is passionate about language and communication, specifically how they are informed by culture and history, how they evolve over time and how they are both employed by the interpreter to faithfully relay the essence and register of the original. She loves being part of the learning process, sharing ideas, techniques and experience with my students and seeing them apply that to their own work. Communication is key and it is a two-way street. She is a MIIS graduate herself and always wanted to come back someday and give back, share her knowledge and help young people become good interpreters!

She has 35 years of experience as a freelance conference interpreter working in 26 countries. She has worked both in the private sector and for international organizations so she has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with her students.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Interpretation assignments with Google, Facebook, PayPal, YouTube, Cisco Systems and Oracle
  • Becoming an adjunct professor of simultaneous and consecutive interpretation at MIIS

Areas of Interest

Professor Sehr-Stewart’s areas of specialization are investment and finance, accounting, trade unions, renewable energy, telecommunications, human rights, patents, international security and cooperation, arms control, environmental issues and petroleum. She has been able to use a great deal of this expertise in the classroom.

Academic Degrees

  • Master of Arts in Translation and Interpretation, 1985, Monterey Institute of International Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literature, 1976, University of California, Berkeley



  • Université Paul Valéry, Faculté de Lettres, Montpellier, France, 1978-79
  • Institut Supérieur d’Interprétariat et de Traduction, Paris, France, 1982-83
  • Universität Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria, 1983