Chris Calwell is an internationally recognized expert operating at the intersection of the technologies and policies needed to address climate change, particularly in the fields of energy storage, electric vehicles, and renewable energy. Chris digests and synthesizes deeply technical information, extracts the meaning for a broader audience, incorporates the relevant market context, and then conveys a highly visual narrative in a manner that is understandable and actionable by business leaders, policymakers, graduate students, and individual consumers.

Chris served seven years in the Natural Resources Defense Council’s (NRDC) Energy Program, helping to launch NRDC’s work on climate change, electric vehicles, and voluntary partnerships with electric utilities to improve residential energy efficiency.  Chris cofounded Ecos Consulting in 1997, working with a team of researchers on behalf of the U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR® program, the California Energy Commission, PG&E, NRDC, NEEA, NYSERDA and Natural Resources Canada to improve the energy efficiency of residential lighting, appliances, power supplies and consumer electronics through voluntary labeling and incentive programs and mandatory efficiency standards.  He presently co-owns Ecos Research and works as an adjunct faculty of the Middlebury Institute and as a clean-tech investor.

Areas of Interest

My interests revolve around how markets can most effectively respond to the seemingly insurmountable challenge of stabilizing the global climate.  I work at the intersection of technology, public policy, teaching and investing to accelerate the uptake of our most promising climate solutions.  In practice, this has involved assisting clients with voluntary and mandatory public policies and market initiatives that hasten the phase-out of inefficient, fossil fuel-consuming products in favor of renewably powered, energy efficient alternatives, backed by storage. 


Academic Degrees

B.A., Environmental Studies, Trinity University

M.A., Energy and Resources, University of California at Berkeley


I have been teaching courses related to renewable energy policy, climate change and sustainbability as an adjunct faculty member at MIIS since 2016. 


Residential Energy Storage: Product Performance and Regulatory Issues, presentation at recurring twice-yearly PG&E continuing education courses for interested builders, architects, and solar installers, between 2019 and 2023.

Introduction to Electric Vehicles, Pacific Gas & Electric Company on-demand course, October 2023 and December 2021.

Lessons Learned from the Residential Energy Storage Experience in Australia and the U.S., Utility Energy Forum, Cambria, California, August 2021.

Residential Battery Systems:  The Business Proposition for CSIRO, presented at conclusion of Fulbright Specialist term at CSIRO, Newcastle, Australia, March 21, 2019.

Welcome to the EE/PV/ES/EV/DR Confluence: Navigating Choppy Waters Ahead, keynote address to the Rocky Mountain Utility Efficiency Exchange, Aspen, CO, September 27, 2017.