Chris Calwell is an internationally recognized expert operating at the intersection of the technologies and policies needed to address climate change. Chris digests and synthesizes deeply technical information, extracts the meaning for a broader audience, incorporates the relevant market context, and then conveys a highly visual narrative in a manner that is understandable and actionable by business leaders, policymakers and individual consumers.

After serving seven years in the Natural Resources Defense Council’s (NRDC) Energy Program, Chris cofounded Ecos Consulting in 1997. Advantage IQ purchased the firm in 2009, combining it with other acquisitions and existing businesses to create Ecova, where Chris continued to work until shortly after the firm was purchased by GDF Suez in mid-2014. He recently co-founded Ecos Research, where he focuses on climate-stabilizing technologies and policy tools.

While at Ecova, Chris led efforts into new energy efficiency and environmental initiatives on behalf of numerous clients, including the U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR® program, the California Energy Commission, PG&E, NRDC, NYSERDA and Natural Resources Canada. This work included the development of entirely new energy efficiency approaches in the field, including:

• component-based energy savings targets for complex products

• active mode efficiency consideration for consumer electronics

• climate-driven policies for consumer products, such as progressive efficiency and sufficiency specifications

• new approaches to product efficiency and performance testing that more closely mirror actual product usage patterns.

Chris helped to incubate and launch TopTen USA, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping consumers find and purchase the most energy efficient products. He has been honored by ACEEE as a Champion of Energy Efficiency for his pioneering research and policy efforts in external power supply efficiency. He is a founding member of the Southwest Colorado Renewable Energy Society (now the Sustainability Alliance of Southwest Colorado).

Areas of Interest

  • Energy efficiency
  • Innovative approaches to utility energy efficiency policy and program design