Photo of Elizabeth Fisher

Elizabeth Fisher is a MPA student hailing from North Carolina with a love of tea and all things eco-friendly and DIY (she recently built a clothesline in her backyard with dead Christmas tree lights destined for the landfill). Her background includes a BA in biology and an MA in French and Francophone literature and a year of teaching English to high school students in eastern France. With diverse interests in everything from Conflict Resolution and peace-building, to data analysis, and to traveling every country in the world and learning every language, she’s using the many opportunities at MIIS to hone her interests and goals toward something actually achievable. As someone born, raised, and educated in the South, race and inequality have always been present, but being a cisgender white female with heaps of privilege, she did not experience much discrimination and did not realize the extent of the problem or think she could do anything about it until relatively recently. This realization has lead Elizabeth to join Allies at MIIS in an attempt to bring better equity to MIIS’s campus while also gaining the skills to address issues of discrimination in other aspects of life.