Adjunct Professor

I am passionate about innovative business models that create value based on environmental and social justice. What excites me about being a professor at MIIS is the opportunity to educate and learn from the next generation of decision makers that will transform outdated business of paradigms into sustainable and globally scalable solutions. 

Areas of Interest

Integrated Thinking and Decision Making; Strategic and Sustainable Business Solutions; International and US Financial Reporting and Auditing; International Extra-Financial Reporting and Auditing; Supply Chain Management.


Academic Degrees

CA, Royal NIVRA, The Netherlands

MA, Accountancy, Royal NIVRA/University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

BA, Business Economics, Royal NIVRA/University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

CFE, ACFE, United States


  1. Co-author of Restore the Earth Foundation “The Restoration Has Begun: How to unlock and capture business value created by restoration” (published and presented at the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference COP21 in Paris) 
  2. Co-author “Trends in external assurance: update on the US, the second edition in an on-going study on external assurance trends in GRI-based sustainability reports published by US companies” (GRI North America - 2014)
  3. Co-founder of the “KPMG Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting”. This survey explores how the world’s largest 250 companies report on carbon in their annual financial and CR reports. It also includes quantitative data on CR reporting trends, covering 4,500 companies across 45 countries. KPMG has published this survey at regular intervals since 1993 (most recent survey: 2015)