Erin Lannon grew up in Southern California, where her revered access to public parks and beaches inspired her sustainability career trajectory to protect natural resources and fight climate change. Lannon has been working in the Sustainability space for a decade focused on technology, science, and public policy. Lannon received her B.A. in Environmental Policy with a minor in Marketing from San Diego State University. She worked for Sullivan Solar Power, a San Diego based renewable energy firm focused on advocating for public policy and increasing energy independence for homeowners.. Lannon served as a Community-Based Environmental Management Peace Corps consultant where she developed Eco-Tourism, Reforestation and Waste Management projects. After working internationally and locally she got her M.A. in International Environmental Policy at the Monterey Institute, focusing on energy, GHG emissions, and corporate social responsibility. Lannon now leads the Green Proving Ground Program for General Services Administration (GSA) that focuses on piloting new emerging technology to tackle decarbonization, electrification and electric vehicle supply equipment technology.

Areas of Interest

Professor Lannon’s interests include: decarbonization policy, emerging technology, electrification of the power sector, Vehicle to Grid (V2G), energy policy and systems analysis, U.S. grid system, demand response, bi-directional charging, sustainability management, and power sector decarbonization.

Academic Degrees

  • MA in International Environmental Policy, MIIS, Monterey
  • BA in Environmental Policy, San Diego State University, San Diego

Professor Lannon has been teaching at the Institute since 2022.