Professor Oliveira is passionate about provocative discussion that ignites the curious mind and creates a willingness to address positive change in today’s global community. She enjoys applying her passion for provocative discussion with the students in her workshops. Workshops typically begin with a discussion about “agnotology” – the study of ignorance, or “What I don’t know.” The “Trust Across Cultures” workshop starts with the provocative question – “What don’t I know about trust?” Engaging in this discussion with MIIS students is most enjoyable and enlightening.

Areas of Interest

In Professor Oliveira’s workshops, we learn how culture influences what one looks for in others when deciding to trust. Her expertise is in intercultural trust. She works with global companies, assisting them to understand how their international and business cultures influence their decision to trust or not trust colleagues, partners, vendors, and customers. It is not unusual for the company to seek behaviors that are trustworthy in their culture and have contrary meaning in the country in which they do business. With this knowledge and a willingness to change, creativity, morale and productivity increase.

Academic Degrees

M.A. in Intercultural Management from the School for International Training, Brattleboro, Vermont


  • TEDx Talk (2016 – Cesena, Italy) – “The Behavior of Trust in the Workplace
  • “Building Trust in Global Technical Teams – The Not-So-Secret Sauce for Success”, Workforce Solutions Review, December, 2012