Farm and Garden Manager

Janna Williams

As the caretaker of Earthbound Farm’s Carmel Valley Farm Stand, Farm and Garden Manager Janna Jo Williams has been one of the pioneering organic produce company’s most visible local ambassadors for over 20 years. Her vision and handiwork are responsible for the experiential magic that enchants Farm Stand guests, from events to environmental aesthetics to fields planted for diversity, uniqueness, beauty, and flavor.   She delights in building rich organic soil and communities of beneficial insects as she creates the gardens and nurtures the farm in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

In addition to keeping the Farm Stand organic and beautiful, Janna Jo has represented Earthbound Farm at local and national trade, food, farming, and organic community events from the Eco-Farm Conference to local Farm Days for elementary school students to Cooking for Solutions.

Most of all, Janna cherishes being the caretaker of the Farm Stand, sharing the legacy that Earthbound Farm founders Drew & Myra Goodman built through educating thousands of people who visit the Farm Stand annually and mentoring young farmers. Committed to the past, present, and future of organic farming, Janna Jo is joyfully dedicated to sharing her love of organic food and farming with everyone she meets.