Head shot of Jerome Sigamani wearing sunglasses

S Jerome is a senior development professional, impact strategist, executive and life coach with 33 years of experience spread across thirteen countries in Africa, America and Asia. He is the Senior Director for Field Operations with PCI, a non-profit headquartered in San Diego (www.pciglobal.org) He specializes in livelihoods, food security, innovation and development-management. His passion is mentoring and accompanying young professionals to excel in development leadership. He linked development with peace building and conflict reduction strategies in Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Ghana. Recently, he has been providing support to senior leadership of Nicaragua during the troubled days.  He has worked extensively in Sri Lanka during the internal conflict between Tamil Tigers and the Government; worked in conflict areas of Afghanistan; and managed a large peace building project in Northern Ghana. He has a master’s degree in chemistry from India and a MPhil from IDS, University of Sussex, UK.