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Joe McClinton has been translating professionally since 1973, and currently specializes primarily in law, intellectual property and corporate public relations. He also has extensive past experience in technical and financial translation. Recent clientele includes two German supreme courts, numerous international law firms, and upper management at two German-based multinationals, as well as the Municipal Museums in Nuremberg and SNCF in Paris. He is the editor of a volume on legal translation to appear in the American Translators Association’s monograph series. He works from German, French and Italian into English.

Fields in which he has regularly translated over the years include nuclear engineering, materials science, petroleum engineering, semiconductor fabrication and information technology. He has also translated French books and educational CD-ROMs in paleogeology, vulcanology, music history and Egyptology, as well as Italian books on art history and collectibles. His theater translations have been seen at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles and the Stratford Festival in Canada. Currently he also translates librettos and creates supertitles for the Ars Minerva opera company, which has the mission of staging previously unknown Italian operas that have lain unperformed in the archives at Venice’s Biblioteca Marciana since the 17th century.

Courses Taught

Course Description

This course is the counterpart to Advanced Translation I. Students are expected to translate texts of considerable difficulty and complexity and to cope with the types of operational challenges that are likely to be encountered in professional translation settings, such as working in teams or coping with multiple technologies. Emphasis is on particular text categories and subject-matter knowledge that are pertinent to current market demand for the specific language combination and direction in which the course is being taught. The frequency, nature, and structure of course assignments are at the discretion of the instructor(s) of record, but will include projects that simulate, as closely as possible, the professional translation environment, as well as at least one midterm and one final exam.

Prerequisite: Advanced Translation I or similar background.

Terms Taught

Spring 2022 - MIIS, Spring 2023 - MIIS

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Areas of Interest

“What’s fun about translation,” says Joe, “is that you never know what you’re going to get into next. A new invention? Mummies? A murder? It’s hard to get bored.”

Academic Degrees

  • MA in German, University of California at Berkeley
  • BA in German and theater, Oberlin

He also studied at Ludwigs-Maximilians-Universität in Munich and the Alliance Française in Paris, as well as doing graduate work in theater at Berkeley. 

Professor McClinton has been teaching at the Institute since 1995.