Photo of Julia Lipkis

Julia Lipkis pursued a degree in International Policy and Development. She moved to Monterey from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and loves the beautiful ocean views, though she is still trying to figure how to dress for the weather. She enjoys playing the violin, hiking, and writing fiction.Throughout high school and college, Julia struggled with fully recognizing the depth and harmfulness of structural racism within every American institution. Conversations about race and race-related issues are at best seen as unpleasant and at worst as taboos. Since joining Allies at MIIS, she has found a community of individuals eager to address these difficult conversations and to work towards solutions at every level of society. Julia wants to educate herself as much as possible about the many different ways in which structural racism has been built into American society, so as to develop the best methods to actively work against its harmful effects to the best of her ability as an ally.