Photo of Kenny Hui

I am a senior Davis UWC scholar studying Economics at Macalester College. I am drawn to building the capacity of individuals and organizations in order to help create social change and eradicate poverty. This passion is rooted in my international experience. Having traveled to around 90 countries and lived in 8 countries, I want to apply my economic knowledge and personal experience to influence others and have a ripple effect that furthers action on international development and social change that will eventually reach international organizations, government, and media all over the world. Through education, mobilization and advocacy, I believe that every individual’s actions will serve as a blueprint and advance shared missions by undertaking collaborative efforts and supporting urgently needed development for the needed, as set forth in the Millennium Development Goals. Over the past three years, I have worked on different humanitarian youth projects in Venezuela, Costa Rica, and Thailand. I aspire to become a social entrepreneur and international conflict resolution practitioner.