Photo of Lamis Ahmed

I was born and raised in a poor neighborhood in Cairo, Egypt but I have been studying abroad for the last 5 years. I spent two years in an international school in Norway (UWC Red Cross Nordic) where my interest in cultures, politics and activism developed further. The Global Politics class I had in UWCRCN, was my first introduction to political science. I am a junior double majoring in international studies and political science at the university of Oklahoma. Growing up in the Middle East I witnessed ethnic, sectarian, and political conflicts as part of my everyday life. When I was sixteen, I participated in the 2011 revolution in Egypt calling for social justice and freedom. This event and the following violence occurring because of the political unrest shaped my personality and my perspective in life. My goal is to be part of Egypt’s transition to a peaceful democracy through a change in policy and conflict resolution projects and I see SPP as a very important step in my way to achieve this dream.