Photo of Laura Ahrens

I grew up in Massachusetts and as a youth I was very involved in various sports and school activities and in my church. My passion for sports continues. I am presently training for my 5th half-marathon. My passion for the church, coupled with my deep faith, led me to seek ordination in the Episcopal Church.  I was blessed to serve as a parish priest in Massachusetts and in Connecticut prior to my being called to be Bishop in ECCT. I have also served as the Bishop Suffragan (Assisting Bishop) in the Episcopal Church in Connecticut (ECCT). I have degrees from Princeton University, Yale Divinity School and Hartford Seminary. Recently, my peace and reconciliation work has been focused on working with congregations navigating new models of ministry in the 21st century. Challenges such as declining church attendance may lead to parish conflict if the system seeks to find places of blame. I work with systems to live into new and healthier futures that are not focused on blame or shame but new life, curiosity and hope. I look forward to learning about peace and reconciliation work from a new perspective and expanding my understanding and ability to engage in this work.