B.A. - International Affairs; University of Colorado, Boulder

Magdalena Castillo

My name is Magda, and I am a rising Junior at the University of Colorado, Boulder. I grew up as a member of the only Dominican family in my suburb outside of Denver, Colorado. Thankfully, we found a small community of friends that consisted of immigrants from all over the world like Venezuela, Puerto Rico, India, France, Germany, and Dominican Republic, where my father was born and raised. Growing up in a multilingual and multicultural community, I was exposed to the struggles and conflicts in other countries and became moved to learn what it takes to solve the problems those closest to me once faced (and issues that we all still face as American citizens). This, as well as traveling all over the world from a young age, is what sparked my passion in learning about the international community and led me to pursue a degree in International Affairs with a minor in Leadership and a certificate in Peace, Conflict, and Security Studies. I have traveled the world, have been a student body president in high school, I am involved in Student Government in college, and am currently an intern at the Center for Inclusion and Social Change, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to add SPP to the list of things that will help contribute to my love for what I believe is such a necessary field of work.