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Michael Schubert earned parallel degrees in both German Language and Music Performance from California State University at Northridge. He intensified his studies of German during a year abroad at the University of Heidelberg in Germany as a CSU International Programs scholarship recipient. Following his graduation, he lived and worked in Germany for a decade. Professor Schubert has been a full-time independent translator since 2000 and specializes in the fields of IT, finance, and corporate communications. In his own work and his teaching, he emphasizes good writing style as critical to all forms of translation, from legal to marketing. Mr. Schubert has been active as an advocate for his profession in the Northern California Translators Association, presenting numerous workshops, serving on its Board of Directors, and currently serving as President.

Courses Taught

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Introduction to Translation to English

Introduces students to the basic theory and practice of translation, both written and sight. Students will learn to apply text analysis, text typology, and contrastive analysis of their working languages to identify, analyze, and resolve translation problems while independently developing an efficient and rational approach to the process of translation. The appropriate application of electronic translation tools will also be introduced. Fundamental translation theory will be emphasized at the beginning of the course and will be conveyed in the form of assigned readings, lectures, class discussions, and independent research. In addition, course assignments will include practice and graded exercises in sight and written translation, utilizing authentic texts drawn from an extensive variety of text categories that include, but are not limited to, current events, general political economy, general legal documents, and scientific and technical topics for general audiences. As the term progresses, student time and effort will increasingly be spent on the preparation and evaluation of written translation assignments. Students will be expected to take at least one midterm exam and one final exam, to be assigned at the discretion of the instructor(s) of record.

Fall 2020 - MIIS, Fall 2021 - MIIS

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Builds on the theoretical and practical foundation laid in Introduction to Translation and introduces the translation of specialized subject matter. Depending upon the language program in which they are enrolled, students will be expected to acquire and demonstrate basic proficiency in the sight and written translation of either commercial and economic texts, legal texts, or scientific and technical texts. The amount of emphasis accorded to a particular topic will depend on the specific professional requirements of each language program. Course assignments will include readings, research, presentations, practice and graded exercises in sight translation, and practice and graded written translation assignments, including exercises in speed translation. Students will also be expected to take at least one midterm and one final exam. The frequency, nature, and structure of course assignments and examinations are largely at the discretion of the instructor(s) of record.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Translation or equivalent background.

Spring 2020 - MIIS, Spring 2021 - MIIS

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This course is the counterpart to Advanced Translation I. Students are expected to translate texts of considerable difficulty and complexity and to cope with the types of operational challenges that are likely to be encountered in professional translation settings, such as working in teams or coping with multiple technologies. Emphasis is on particular text categories and subject-matter knowledge that are pertinent to current market demand for the specific language combination and direction in which the course is being taught. The frequency, nature, and structure of course assignments are at the discretion of the instructor(s) of record, but will include projects that simulate, as closely as possible, the professional translation environment, as well as at least one midterm and one final exam.

Prerequisite: Advanced Translation I or similar background.

Spring 2020 - MIIS, Spring 2021 - MIIS

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Areas of Interest

Professor Schubert is an enthusiastic traveler who has visited over 30 countries in his travels and lived abroad for 11 years. He is also an avid cyclist and has explored much of his native California on two wheels.

Academic Degrees

  • BA (cum laude) in German Language and Culture, California State University, Northridge
  • BA (magna cum laude) in Music Performance (flute), California State University, Northridge

Professor Schubert has been teaching at the Institute since 2016.