Mohamed Hassan is very passionate about language teaching and an advocate of multi-culturalism. He was a member of a team that founded one of the first Arabic public schools in the US. He believes that education is the most important function performed in any culture and that, as a teacher, he individually and collectively can not only change the world, but also improve it, and in this process finds his personal and professional renewal. He has responsively taught in Egypt, the US, UAE, and KSA for the last twenty years. 

He tries to use the best pedagogical practices as teaching is not a one-way delivery of knowledge, but an interactive process that requires adapting to shifting context, demands of content, and student inputs. He tries to identify and respond to challenges that his students are facing in the classroom. He believes that by using a variety of teaching styles that represent the complexity of the discipline and social realities in which they are situated, his language learners’ ultimate learning styles are motivated and positive relationships with these learners are established. As students are the focal point of his work, central to his curriculum mapping is what he wants his students to know, understand, and be able to do in his differentiated classroom activities.

Areas of Interest

Mohamed is interested in curriculum design, second language acquisition, flipped learning, content-based instruction, and assessment. He is fascinated by the best practices in brain-based instruction and by the process of turning piecemeal initiatives about curriculum, assessment, and standards into a coherent plan. He is also interested in the studies about the alignments between different language frameworks such as ACTFL and CEFR and the integration between the UBD and IPA. 

Academic Degrees

  • MA in Education, Michigan State University
  • New York Public School Teacher Certificate, University of the State of New York, Department of Education
  • MA in Teaching, the College of Education, Alexandria, Egypt 
  • BA in Language and Literature, The College of Languages, Cairo, Egypt 

Professor Hassan has been teaching at the Institute since 2010.


Professor Hassan has published extensively on the history of Arabic and its development in both Arabic and English. Among his publications are: The Linguistic Conquests, The Ecology of Arabic, and Arabicization in the First Century of the Islamic Era. In addition, translated several books on linguistics from English to Arabic.