Nashay Lowe

My name is Nashay Lowe. I’m originally from the Bay Area in CA, but have also lived in Atlanta and spent a few years abroad. I majored in Mass Media Arts with a concentration in Journalism at Clark Atlanta University. Following graduation from my undergraduate studies, I went on to serve in Jordan with the Peace Corps, teach English as a second language in Korea, volunteer as an English mentor in Poland, and earn my MA in International Relations from Webster University where I studied and lived in Greece, Cuba, Switzerland, China, and Austria in one year. 

I am currently earning my doctorate in International Conflict Management from Kennesaw State University. My research interests are in political behavior, conflict transformation, and human rights. For my dissertation research, I am interested in examining the discourse of political will and how identity shapes political will towards anti-poverty policies. I have always had a profound concern for helping people and understanding how the social world works. This has led me to the work of SPP which brings diverse groups of people together with intersecting goals and aspirations of working towards a more peaceful world.