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McCone M222
(831) 647-6401
Office Hours
Office Hour during “shelter-in-place”: Thurs 8:30a-9:45a via Zoom:

Professor Pai is a native English speaker and heritage speaker of Mandarin Chinese. She specializes in translation from Chinese into English and has been a successful freelance translator since 2005. She works with translation agencies, government entities, and private-sector clients worldwide on projects in the medical, pharmaceutical, and legal fields, and translates technical materials such as journal articles, clinical trial documents, patents, government standards and regulations, and more.

As an instructor, Professor Pai has taught courses in written and sight translation as well as seminars in translation pedagogy. In the classroom, she uses real-world texts from a variety of sources and enjoys challenging her students to explore the power of the written word and consider the many unique issues confronted by translators in their quest for fluent intercultural communication. She is also passionate about her role as a translation instructor in helping students lay a solid foundation of cultural and linguistic competency that will contribute to their future success as professionals in the rapidly evolving TILM field.

Academic Degrees

B.A. Williams College

M.A. Monterey Institute of International Studies