• Initiated the area of study of economics of education at my department (in Argentina), developed new undergraduate and graduate courses in Economics of Education, and engaged students in doing theses on the field.
  • Joined the board of an Institute of Applied Research in education (Argentina), contributing to the development of the business plan and concept.
  • Obtained a small research grant for one of my research project: The Teacher Salary Differential in the Great Buenos Aires: Changes in the Last Three Decades
  • Coordinated a study on the impact of the global financial crisis in education
  • Did consulting work on education issues in Ecuador and Jordan

Areas of Interest

Teacher labor markets and teacher policies; comparative perspectives on teachers. International and comparative education, education and development, Education for All. Education policy and reform. Education in Latin America. Sociology of Education. Economics of Education. Education Information Systems. Monitoring and evaluation in international and comparative education.

Academic Degrees

PhD, International Comparative Education, MA Sociology, and MA in International Educational Administration and Policy Analysis; BA in Education Sciences, University of Buenos Aires (Argentina)


Razquin, P. (2015). Introducción y presentación del dossier. Educación para Todos 2015: Balance y Prospectiva para o desde América Latina. [Introduction and presentation of the special issue. Education for All 2015: Balance and Prospects to or from Latin America]. Revista Latinoamericana de Educación Comparada, 6(8), 8-30.

Razquin, P. (2012). The Implications of the Global Financial Crisis on Primary Schools, Teachers and Households in 12 Countries. Final Report [Implicaciones de la Crisis Financiera Global en las Escuelas Primarias, Docentes y Hogares en 12 Países (Informe Final)]. Paris: UNESCO, Division for Planning and Development of Education Systems, Section for Sector Policy Analysis and ICTs in Education. Principal Investigator and Lead Author.

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