Shaziya Netto

I grew up in India, in the bustling city of Mumbai, where I majored in economics and accountancy and went on to pursue my Chartered Accountancy Certification.  I am at Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey working towards my Master’s degree in International Policy and Development. I am specializing in monitoring and evaluation and preparing for my conflict resolution certificate. I am very interested to see where and how the field of conflict resolution coincides with the field of monitoring and evaluation and how they can complement each other well. The Intro to Conflict Resolution class is where my curiosity and yearning for the subject matter only started to grow. Thereafter, on various opportunities applying this knowledge in real life situations, I realized how much more there still is to learn and understand. This is why I find myself now in the peace-building program excited for what is about to unfold. Opening communication channels, building trust, understanding perspectives, navigating delicate situations, all are essential to boosting development and enabling harmony within the community and on a wider global scale. Through this unique program I will be exposed to hands-on experience and consider myself grateful to be given this opportunity.