Photo of Tanvir Deol

Tanvir Deol, an International Policy and Development student, is a proud Indo-Canadian who was born and raised in Toronto. He joins MIIS with a strong desire to engage with the nuances underlying contemporary development challenges in the Global South and economically disadvantaged communities in the Global North, so as to support capacity development, and influence meaningful and sustainable change in the areas of community impact investment, education reform and youth violence reduction. Prior to Monterey, Tanvir was working in Ottawa at the Parliament of Canada as a Legislative Assistant, and supporting government legislative direction in the areas of international trade, foreign affairs and international development. A strong proponent of mindfulness and respectful cross-spectrum dialogue and collaboration, Tanvir believes being an effective change-maker requires us to be critical consumers of information, encouraged by disparate points of view and readily conscious of our own underlying biases. To Tanvir, Allies at MIIS represents a legitimized effort to create a space for empowerment and critical reflection. He believes an Ally is not a label or an entitlement, but a responsibility. To him, being an Ally means being a champion for racial equity – a purposeful, emotional and mental investment. Tanvir is excited by this prospect, and grateful to the Center for Conflict Studies for this opportunity.