Photo of Travis Wells

Hafa Adai! Travis Wells is a second year IPD student from the great state of California. Travis is Chamoru, an Indigenous from the island of Guåhan, and raised in Sacramento, CA. He spends his time in Monterey practicing stillness and finding ways to stay warm in a town that considers 75 degrees “hot”. Travis has a background in Political Science, Peace and Conflict Studies, and Pacific Islander Indigenous studies with an avid interest in Conflict Resolution, languages, Social Justice, and data analysis. He is enrolled in the BA/MA program at MIIS, and as a result will be spending three years diversifying his knowledge and utilizing the various opportunities at MIIS to sharpen his skillset and expanding his passions. Being from Sacramento CA, one of the most racially/ethnically diverse cities nationally, Travis was honored to grow up and associate with people of various ethnicities, faiths, and backgrounds. With that came his awareness that many groups in our society, including his own, are underrepresented, underserved, and underappreciated in relation to others. This awareness drew Travis to joining Allies at MIIS to help awaken this awareness in others while spreading the inafa’maolek, interconnected love, equity, & peace, that he was taught to live by.