Vincent Minquoy
McCone Building M225

Vincent Minquoy is a French American native of Arcachon, France. His educational background, which includes a Master’s degree in Humanities, has shaped his theoretical and practical mindset. He has worked in an array of environments, living in five different countries with different languages, cultures, educational needs and systems. He has more than 10 years of experience promoting French language and francophone cultures out of France which give him a good knowledge of the *CIEP’s framework (*International Center for Pedagogical Studies) and the different approaches to teach French as a second language.

Beyond his experience as a director of French cultural centers and as linguistic attaché in Madagascar and Nigeria, he has 6 years of experience as a teacher for beginner to advanced adult students working with many different methods and resources, creating, developing and implementing content based educational programs. Furthermore, since 2009, he is accredited as a Board Member for DELF-DALF exams and has evaluated hundreds of students.

In his classes, students develop oral and written comprehension skills through authentic materials: articles, videos, songs, movies, paintings, photographs, or even comic books, and they develop their capabilities to express themselves orally and in writing in French through presentations and compositions. What he enjoys most about teaching at MIIS is the fact that students are motivated and autonomous.

Areas of Interest

Vincent has a real passion for multilingualism and for people studying another language. He draws from his background and his adaptability to contribute to the diversity and excellence of the academic communities at MIIS and at UCSC. His professional interests include social justice, geopolitics, sustainable development, cultural cooperation, diplomacy, international relations, and pedagogy of language acquisition.

Academic Degrees

University Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux 3

Master’s Degree. June, 2006

Humanities and Geography; specialty in Territories, Development, Culture and Environment.

Vincent Minquoy has been teaching at the Institute since 2021.


“When the logic goes beyond ethics. Khat in Madagascar. » (Les) Cahiers d’Outre - mer, 2006, n°233

Co-author of documentary film: “The Choice of Khat”. La Maison du Doc. 2014