Professor Emeritus

Zinan Ye
McGowan Building
(831) 647-4115

Professor Zinan Ye has been teaching translation for more than three decades and is one of the prominent scholars in the field of English-Chinese translation. He has published numerous books and articles on translation, some of which are used as textbooks for translation courses in China. In addition, he has also been involved in training the trainer summer programs in China for more than 10 years and has extensive experience in teaching translation for translators who have already had years of practice.

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This is the first of two complementary courses designed to bring translation knowledge and skills up to the level that would be required of someone working in a professional translation environment. Students will be expected to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the first-year translation courses to produce translations that meet high standards for content, form, and presentation. A great deal of attention is given to subject matter knowledge and research, precision in text analysis and writing, and the appropriate application of translation technology. Some programs emphasize scientific and technical topics in this course, but others give considerable attention to commercial, economic, legal, and political texts, many of which have a technical component. The frequency, nature, and structure of course assignments and examinations are at the discretion of the instructor(s) of record. Students will, however, be expected to take at least one midterm exam and one final exam.

Prerequisite: 2nd-year student in good standing or equivalent background.

Fall 2018 - MIIS

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Areas of Interest

Professor Ye is extremely interested in applying translation theory in practice. In the recent years, he has expanded his interest to include cognitive metaphor and translation and has published a major academic book on this topic.

Academic Degrees

  • MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), University of the Pacific, California
  • BA in English Language and Literature with Emphasis on Translation, Hangzhou University, China

Professor Ye has been teaching at the Institute since 1996.


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  • The Principles and Practices of English-Chinese Translation. Taipei: Bookman, 2013, Ye, Zinan.
  • 英汉翻译对话录 (Dialogue on English-Chinese Translation). Beijing: Peking  UP, 2003, Ye, Zinan.
  • 灵活与变通--英汉翻译: 案例讲评  (The Resourceful Muse: A Casebook in English-Chinese Translation). Beijing Shi: Wai wen chu ban she, 2011, Ye, Zinan.
  • Introduction to Chinese-English Translation. New York: Hippocrene, 2009. Taipei: Bookman, 2010, Ye, Zinan and Lynette Xiaojing Shi.
  • A Course in Cognitive Metaphor and Translation. Beijing: Peking UP, 2013. Taipei: Bookman (to be released 2014). Ye, Zinan.