Networking is an essential component to any job search.

Effective networking engages you with experts in your field and opens doors to opportunities to connect, share and learn. Networking is typically a three step process:

Understand the value of networks

  • Plan for, and attend, professional affiliation events in your field
  • Research the organizations who will attend the networking event
  • Research the host organization, their mission and history

Create the perfect pitch

  • Practice introductions (15-20 seconds) that are tailored for the audience
  • Include what you believe is your own “value-add”

Develop the relationship

Consider every interaction as an opportunity to share a GIFT.


Thank the individual for taking an interest in your professional development. If she/he takes an action on your behalf, be sure to demonstrate gratitude.


Demonstrate that you are willing to invest in the organization’s activities. Volunteer your time.


If you are provided a lead, always respond with updates on any significant developments.


This is a two-way relationship. Demonstrate that you can be trusted. Make a promise and then keep it.

Additional Resources

Pitchfalls: Why bad pitches happen to good people

By Erica Mills

Never Eat Alone.

By Keith Ferazzi

How to Win Friends and Influence People

By Dale Carnegie

Power Ties: The International Student’s Guide to Finding a Job in the United States

By Dan Beaudry