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Descriptions of the courses in the Internationalization Engineering learning path for nondegree Translation and Localization Management students.

Course List

Software Internationalization and Localization (Fall)

Advanced Internationalization (Spring, starting in 2022)

RTL Localization and Bidi (Fall)

Intro to Programming (Spring)

Advanced JavaScript (Fall)

Designing for Internationalization and Culture (Fall)

Software Internationalization and Localization 

Learn to localize desktop, mobile, and web-based computer applications and games. Special interest will be paid to how to handle strings and how to process them for translation.

Advanced Internationalization

[Coming soon]

RTL Localization and Bidi

Gain an overview of the Unicode system and an in-depth knowledge of the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm (Bidi) and its entities in order to accommodate bidirectional languages, right-to-left (RTL) and left-to-right (LTR) text. Learn about Bidi applications in HTML, CSS, Objective C (for Apple OS X and iOS operating systems), and JAVA and XML (for Android operating system). Gain insight into planning for RTL support and how to make code extendible, generic, and easier to manage.

Intro to Programming

Gain an introduction to programming a computer using input, output, selection, and repetitions in Python, the easiest programming language for beginners. Learn to use Python to do many useful tasks such as reading from files, writing to files, searching, and data mining.

Advanced JavaScript

Gain a overview of definitions and then move on to learn how to communicate with users, manipulate data and strings, make decisions and control the flow of execution, validate data, write functions, troubleshoot, deal with browser peculiarities, create and use your own objects (OOP), access libraries, take advantage of CSS, store data in cookies, and manipulate screen elements in real-time. Time permitting, we may also delve into how to use JavaScript to script the control of non-web applications, such as Photoshop.

Designing for Internationalization and Culture

Learn how to design and market products to observe non-explicit cultural norms of various locations. Gain a grasp of common pitfalls companies make and investigate case studies of products and marketing campaigns that failed to accommodate their target culture.