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Curriculum for the four-semester, 60-credit version of the MPA program. This is an alternative option to the 42-credit program.

Start Credits Practicum Language Competency Program Chair
August or January 60 Required Optional

Mahabat Baimyrzaeva


Core Course Work (shared with IPD, 18 credits)

Core Course Work (MPA-specific, 12 credits)

Language Studies and/or Intercultural Competence (4 credits)

Practicum (4 or 6 credits)

Electives (20 or 22 credits)

Sample Course Schedule

Core Course Work (shared with IPD, 18 credits)

Please note: This core course work is the same as the MA in International Policy and Development (IPD) core course work, allowing for exploration of both degrees in the first year.

Introduction to Policy and Data Analysis (4 credits)

Development Paradigms, Discourses, and Theories (4 credits) sample courses:

  • Development: Theory and Practice (4)
  • Conflict, Security, and Development (4)
  • Globalization and Development (4)
  • Politics of Development (4)

Economics (4 credits) sample courses:

  • Development Economics (4)
  • Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (4)

Seminar and/or Applied Practice Workshops (6 credits) sample courses:

  • Program Evaluation for Social Change Organizations (4)
  • Writing and Briefing Memos (2)

Core Course Work (MPA-specific, 12 credits)

Management and Leadership (4 credits) sample courses:

  • Leadership and Social Innovation (4)

  • Leadership and Organization Innovation (4)

  • Organizational Sustainability for Social Change Organizations (4)

Finance and Administration (4 credits) sample courses:

  • Finance Functions in Nonprofit and Social Change Organizations (4)

  • Organizational Sustainability for Social Change Organizations (4)

Evaluation (4 credits) sample course:

  • Program Evaluation for Social Change Organizations (4)

Language Studies and/or Intercultural Competence (4 credits)

You will take content courses in a second language and/or courses in intercultural competence.

Sample language studies courses:

  • Arab-African Relations (in Arabic)

  • Citizenship, Security, and Development in Latin America (in Spanish)

  • Challenges in Peacebuilding—Congo (in French)

Sample intercultural competence courses:

  • Intercultural Group Dynamics

  • Multilingual Communication in Multicultural Settings

Professional Practicum (4 or 6 credits)

Put theory into practice through a semester-long research course or practicum in the field:

International Professional Service Semester Field Project (6)

An immersive learning experience, the International Professional Service Semester integrates academic work with professional opportunities. Students serve as junior professional staff members in an international organization while producing specific deliverables for academic credit.

Practicum Project Seminar (4)

This four-credit Practicum Project Seminar helps students demonstrate, integrate, and apply competencies central to their degrees. The course is designed to support customized projects depending on your interests and career aspirations. You are required to produce high-quality deliverables related to the issues you explore, either with client organizations or in nonclient-based research projects.

Independent Practicum (4 or 6)

The independent practicum is self-directed and requires independent academic planning and responsibilities. You can choose to complete an internship or field-based research. Both require you to engage a faculty sponsor, develop a work plan with that sponsor, submit the specified deliverables to be evaluated at the conclusion of the project, and present the deliverables in a final colloquium.

Electives (20 or 22 credits)

Students may use electives to take additional language studies and/or intercultural competence courses, MPA courses, IPD courses, specialization courses, and/or courses from other degree programs (assuming prerequisites met).

Electives by advisement build on your expertise in areas that can benefit your career.

Customize Your Degree

The flexibility in our curriculum gives you opportunities to customize your degree. Check out the degree overview for your options.

Sample Course Schedule

Fall Start, Full Time, Four Semesters

Term Course Credits
Fall 1 Policy and Data Analysis 4
Fall 1 Development Paradigms, Discourses, Theories 4
Fall 1 Economics 4
Fall 1 Language Studies OR Intercultural Competence 4
Spring 1 Seminar/Applied Practice Workshop 4
Spring 1 Finance and Administration 4
Spring 1 Evaluation 4
Spring 1 Elective Course 4
Fall 2 Seminar/Applied Practice Workshop 2
Fall 2 Management and Leadership 4
Fall 2 Elective Course 4
Fall 2 Elective Course 3
Fall 2 Elective Course 3
Spring 2 Practicum 6
Spring 2 Elective Course 2
Spring 2 Elective Course 2
Spring 2 Elective Course 2
TOTAL   60