Gain in-depth knowledge of implementing development policy and systems.

The following learning goals are woven throughout your entire experience.

Specific Abilities

  • Effectively lead individuals, teams, and social change organizations (SCOs).
  • Efficiently manage projects, programs, and organizations.
  • Generate and manage human, financial, informational, and material resources.
  • Develop organizational and individual capacities.
  • Build networks and partnerships with diverse actors.
  • Engage in productive collaboration.
  • Assess or evaluate situations, problems, programs, projects, organizations, and partnerships.
  • Translate mission into well-conceived, highly effective projects and programs.
  • Communicate and negotiate effectively with diverse, multicultural stakeholder groups.
  • Apply theory to practice and use practice to inform theory.

General Skills

  • Systemic planning
  • Research, using primary and secondary sources
  • Data generation and analysis (quantitative and qualitative)
  • Critical self-reflection
  • Facilitation of groups
  • Policy analysis
  • Evidence-based, participatory decision making