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A smiling Miho Aida with arms crossed in beautiful outdoor setting grassy hills with sunlight in background
Ms. Miho Aida, Filmmaker/Advocate (Credit: Photo by Gabrielle Lurie )

How do we engage people with advocacy work and inspire them to be part of environmental policy change for vulnerable people and the planet?

Arctic Refuge Advocacy in Action: Gwich’in Women Speak
Lecture and Discussion
Speaker:  Ms. Miho Aida, Filmmaker and Advocate
Thursday, September 3, 2020
12:30pm to 1:30pm Pacific Time

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About the Topic

How do we engage people with advocacy work and inspire them to be part of environmental policy change for vulnerable people and the planet? In this presentation, Ms. Miho Aida will share how she has been using her voice as an advocate, filmmaker, and storyteller to engage people for action.

Ms. Aida will share her experiences in documenting the Arctic Indigenous Gwich’in nations’ fight to protect their sacred place from development on the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. On Monday, August 17th,  the Trump administration finalized its plan to open up this sacred place to oil and gas development. She will address the current situations and what we can do to be part of this movement.

About the Speaker

Born and raised in Tokyo, Miho has lived her adult life in the US. She brings her lived experiences and practices from the East and the West to the work of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity in the outdoors. Her approach is rooted in cultivating self-care, love and awareness that is fundamental for both personal and collective transformation toward a more just society. Miho is an intersectional environmental educator, activist, scientist, filmmaker, and outdoor athlete who has been advocating for both the protection of most vulnerable people and the planet. She is the founder of environmental media project called “If She Can Do It, You Can Too: Empowering Women Through Outdoor Role Models.” By producing videos and films of dynamic outdoor women of color, Miho hopes those who identify as girls and women will have role models who look, sound and live like them so that they know what outdoor careers, adventures and leadership opportunities are possible. Her award-winning short film The Sacred Place Where Life Begins: Gwich’in Women Speak advocates for permanent protection of the Refuge’s coastal plain from the Gwich’in women’s perspective.


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