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Our mission at the Center for the Blue Economy is to promote a sustainable ocean and coastal economy (the “Blue Economy”) through leadership in research, analysis, and education. 

What is the “Blue Economy”?

The “Blue Economy” comprises the economic activities that create sustainable wealth from the world’s oceans and coasts. The center examines ways that ocean and coastal resources can support economic development and enhance healthy oceans and well-managed coastlines.

Our Research

Our research focuses on two areas—helping organizations understand how to measure the size and changing nature of economic relationships with the oceans and coasts in order to guide choices and monitor progress, and the economics of climate change adaptation in coastal regions. 

The Ocean Climate Action Plan

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On October 18th, 2019, the Center for the Blue Economy partnered with Blue Frontier to host an invitation-only meeting of thought leaders from across industry, government, academia, and the conservation community of California with a goal expanding and refining the initial draft of the Ocean Climate Action Plan (available here) into a more complete program that can form the basis for national legislation and policy.  A larger follow-up national meeting of stakeholders is planned for spring 2020 in Washington D.C., during which the Ocean Climate Action Plan will be finalized, sent on to presidential candidates for endorsement or response, used to educate citizens, incorporated into climate legislation, and/or used as a stand-alone legislative package.  More about the meeting, attendees, and next steps is available on our Ocean Climate Action Plan page. 

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Each fall, the Center for the Blue Economy hosts a speaker series that brings creative, pragmatic, and practice-based professionals to campus.  The series is primarily to support the students in the International Environmental Policy program, but all lectures are open to the public.   Although the ocean-focused series is only held in the fall only, year-round lectures on environmental policy, social and environmental justice can be found at the SustainabilitSpeaker Series hosted and sponsored by the Center for the Blue Economy, and co-sponsored by the Nancy Eccles and Homer M. Hayward Family Foundation. 


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