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Our mission at the Center for the Blue Economy is to promote ocean-based sustainability solutions through leadership in economic research, education, and policy analysis.

What is the “Blue Economy”?

The “Blue Economy” comprises the economic activities that create sustainable wealth from the world’s oceans and coasts. The center examines ways that ocean and coastal resources can support economic development and enhance healthy, resilient oceans and well-managed coastlines.

Our Research

Our research focuses on two areas—helping organizations understand how to measure the size and changing nature of economic relationships with the oceans and coasts in order to guide choices and monitor progress, and the economics of climate change adaptation in coastal regions. 


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(Credit: Jim Toomey, creator of Sherman's Lagoon )

THANK YOU SENATE for passing the biggest funding for climate solutions in US History

August 7, 2022:  The Senate passed the Inflation Reduction Act using the budget reconciliation process to pass $369 billion in energy security and climate change programs over the next ten years. While not perfect, the bill is the best hope we have to address climate change now.  Please take a moment to THANK your senators for supporting the bill!   We have secured a major step in securing a liveable future, healthy ocean, and long-term sustainability and prosperity.   There is much yet to do, but for now we CELEBRATE AND THANK THE OCEAN CLIMATE ACTION COALITION!   THIS IS YOUR WIN! 



The White House Announces "America's First-Ever Ocean Climate Action Plan"

June 8, 2022, World Ocean Day

“The Biden-Harris Administration will develop and implement a first-ever, whole-of-government Ocean Climate Action Plan.  The Office of Science and Technology Policy and the Council on Environmental Quality, Co-Chairs of the Ocean Policy Committee, announced that the Committee will work in coordination with the White House Climate Policy Office to develop a whole-of-government Ocean Climate Action Plan that will guide significant ocean-based climate mitigation and adaptation actions, including green shipping, ocean-based renewable energy, blue carbon, and other ocean-related solutions. The Committee will also develop a National Sustainable Ocean Plan that will help guide sustainable economic development of U.S. ocean and coastal waters.”  

We celebrate this announcement and all climate related forward motion that the Biden-Harris Administration is advancing!  Is it coincidence that they have titled it the Ocean Climate Action Plan?  We think not!

Read full press release from the White House, June 8th, 2022

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