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  1. News Stories

    Environmental Policy Alum & Journalist Nick Rahaim Writes Story with Many Wave of Impact

    | by Rachel Christopherson

    MIIS Environmental Policy/Ocean and Coastal Resource Management Alum & Journalist Nick Rahaim (IEP OCRM “22) was honored by the Society of Environmental Journalists for his 2022 piece in Hakai Magazine: “Clever Whales and the Violent Fight for Fish on the Line: As a commercial fisher, I’ve watched colleagues shoot at whales looting from their lines. Here’s why everyone loses when that happens.”  Now two years later, an Alaska fishing captain has been held accountable for a similar crime. 

  2. News Stories

    Dr. Charles Colgan contributes to the Fifth National Climate Assessment

    | by Rachel Christopherson

    The Fifth National Climate Assessment is the US Government’s preeminent report on climate change impacts, risks, and responses. It is a congressionally mandated interagency effort that provides the scientific foundation to support informed decision-making across the United States.  Dr. Charles Colgan, Director of Research at the Center for the Blue Economy co-authored Chapter 10:  Ocean Ecosystems and Marine Resources.

  3. People

    Historic Logbooks & Adventures at Sea

    | by Rachel Christopherson

    The Middlebury Institute attracts amazing faculty and students, and affords amazing opportunities.  This spring and summer, MIIS students became published authors, filled a missing gap in historic scientific knowledge, and sailed the open seas.