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  1. A phenomenal presentation by Dr. Charles Colgan

    | by Rachel Christopherson

    The 5th International Symposium was hosted by National University of Ireland, Galway, and Dr. Charles Colgan, the Director of Research at the Center for the Blue Economy (and the individual who instituted the methodology to measure the blue economy now used worldwide) gave a notable presentation.

  2. News Stories

    Ocean Climate Action Capitol Hill Lobby Day 2021-Action Now for the Future

    | by Rachel Christopherson

    On Wednesday, April 14, 2021, in one of the largest and certainly most timely Ocean lobbies in U.S. history, over 1000 people were mobilized from more than 30 states and territories.  Meetings were held with 107+ Members of the House of Representatives and their staff, and 33+ Senators and staff.  Over 150 virtual meetings took place on this Ocean Climate Action Lobby Day!  The coalition (many of whose members had never visited with their elected representatives before) sent a clear message to our national policymakers:  you cannot solve the climate crisis without ocean health, and ocean health is key to solving the climate crisis. 

  3. News Stories

    Making Waves: 2019 Year In Review

    | by Rachel Christopherson

    Promoting a sustainable ocean and coastal economy is the mission of the Center for the Blue Economy.  We do this through economic research, teaching, and advising on policy for regional, state, and national governments.  This story showcases some of 2019’s activities and achievements.

  4. News Stories

    West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz: Iconic. Endangered.

    | by Rachel Christopherson

    West Cliff Drive in the of City of Santa Cruz, California spans 2.5 miles of ocean views, cliffs and beaches.  That stretch is home to an iconic lighthouse, prime surf spots, and is frequented by the wealthy and working class alike.   But sea-level rise and storms threaten to undercut the road.  This summer, the Center for the Blue Economy will help City managers determine the best way forward for West Cliff Drive.