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Learning from the Experts

Each year, the Center for the Blue Economy, with support from our generous co-hosts the Hayward Family Foundation, brings creative, pragmatic, and practice-based professionals to speak to our students and the public. This is an opportunity to network and learn from leading experts in the field, many of whom are our own alumni.

The Public is Invited

The series is primarily intended to support the students in the Environmental Policy and Management program (formerly the International Environmental Policy program), but most lectures are open to the public.  We invite the public to come and be inspired by forward-thinking speakers who present cutting-edge solutions to complex problems across a wide variety of fields.

Series Hosts

The speaker series is sponsored and hosted by the Center for the Blue Economy with generous support from the Nancy Eccles and Homer M. Hayward Family Foundation.

Past Lectures

Trying to find a lecture from previous academic term?   We have the full descriptions, pre-reading and all information from previous lectures back to fall 2020.  Click this link:  Past Lectures:  CBE& Environmental Justice and Sustainability Speaker Series. 

All lecture recordings going back to 2016 can be found on the Center for the Blue Economy YouTube page.

Email Notice and/or Reminders?

To keep up-to-date on upcoming lectures, please email cbe@middlebury.edu.  Thank you!

If you wish to receive email reminders one day prior to the talks (as well as 15 minutes ahead of each event), contact cbe@middlebury.edu with that request and we will “make it so.”