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Closed to the Public

Inspired by the conversations about where we go from here started at the January Open Discussion on the Capital Riots, Dean of the Institute Jeffrey Dayton-Johnson launched the Teach-in on Democracy series for the spring semester.

The final session, “Non-Profit Systemic Collusion/Collaboration”, will be led and moderated by Professor Kent Glenzer and will include an impressive panel of non-profit organization leaders: 

NGOs are important actors in the fight for social, economic, racial, and gender justice.  Yet their actions can too frequently collude with systems of oppression rather than combat them.  This panel will reveal how and why this happens, and what NGOs can do to more effectively confront and dismantle such systems. 

This talk is open only to the MIIS community. The zoom link and password are available in the all-campus e-mail sent the morning of April 28 titled “Final Session of Teach-in on on Democracy Series on May 6 to Feature Non-Profit Panel”.

Contact Organizer

Barbara Burke