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Annual Security Report
The campus of the Monterey Institute, which reported zero crimes on campus for the third year in a row, is located adjacent to downtown Monterey, California.

All columns of the Monterey Institute 2014 Annual Security Report show the same number – zero, and the same is true for the previous two years. In an effort to provide members of our campus community with information about campus crime and crime-related problems, the MIIS Security Department, in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, provides an annual report on crime statistics. The report includes statistical information from the Monterey Police Department regarding crimes occurring on all public and privately held properties adjacent or contiguous to the campus, as defined by federal law.

While the Monterey Institute is a warm and welcoming community, and the City of Monterey is a relatively safe place to live, no community is crime-free. The Monterey Institute encourages its faculty, staff and students to take care and use common sense. MIIS is committed to maintaining a safe and secure campus and workplace environment, and a part of that commitment is making sure our community is aware of what services are available to help prevent or respond to crimes through the annually revised Security and Safety Handbook, which also includes advice about how to minimize risks.

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