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The Aspen Institute has once again recognized the Fisher International MBA Program at the Monterey Institute as one of the world’s Top 100 MBA programs integrating social and environmental stewardship. The 2011-2012 edition of the Aspen Institute’s biennial Beyond Grey Pinstripes survey ranked the Fisher Program number 33 on its list of the top 100 business programs.

“We are delighted that the Aspen Institute has once again ranked the Fisher Program at MIIS as one of the best in the world at incorporating a broader social perspective,” said Fisher International MBA Program Chair Fredric Kropp. “Our interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral approach gives our students a unique advantage and reflects their commitment to succeeding in international business while also making a difference in the world. We are truly proud of our students.”

Since 2003, the Fisher program has consistently been ranked by the Aspen Institute as one of the world’s leading socially responsible MBA programs. This year, 149 business schools from 22 countries participated in an 18-month effort to map the landscape of teaching and research on issues pertaining to business and society. Relevant data collected in the survey, as well as the entire “Global 100” list of business schools, is available at:

In addition to its overall ranking, the Fisher International MBA Program was ranked 10th in the world for student exposure to course content that addresses social, environmental and ethical concerns, and 20th in the world in terms of the number of courses that explicitly discuss how for-profit, mainstream business can be a force for improving social and environmental conditions.

While many MBA rankings exist, the Aspen Institute’s Beyond Grey Pinstripes is the only one that looks beyond reputation and test scores to measure how well schools are preparing their students for the environmental, social and ethical complexities of modern-day business.

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