Campus Notes

Image from new art exhibit on campus
Six metallic prints from the latest Middlebury Magazine are on display in the Holland Center. (Credit: Brett Simison )

The McCone atrium features the work of local photographer, Oliver Klink, and his exhibit on glacier ice melt “55 inches.” Klink’s work has been featured in National Geographic. Thanks to a grant from PhotoWings, MIIS CAPP was able to continue to explore our connection to the local community with six metallic prints from the latest Middlebury Magazine. These photos are on display in the Holland Center. The Casa Fuente’s largest classroom, 434, includes three small exhibits featuring the Monterey community including students in action completing an agriculture survey in Salinas as well as photos taken in our beloved Big Sur and on the Monterey Bay.

For More Information

View the webpage: Committee on Art in Public Places.