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Juan Carlos Paredes (MBA ’12) is an executive producer for Fundación Imagen Latina and current student at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. His newest film “Apaporis” opened on July 30 at the International Documentary Association’s 14th Annual Docuweeks Showcase in Los Angeles and New York. “Apaporis” was inspired by the epic journey of botanist Richard Evan Schultes, who in 1941 set off on a 12-year research trip down the Amazon. The filmmakers navigated the Apaporis River in the Northwest Amazon and sought out the cultures Schultes had encountered on his original explorations, with surprising results.

As Juan Paredes said in a recent interview with the Colombian news magazine Revista Semana: “We wanted to take the audience to the rhythm, sound and feeling of the jungle. We wanted to move beyond only criticizing current policies and thought the best way to show why preserving this area is paramount was to show it in all its glory.”

On August 4, Apaporis received a favorable review from Ronnie Schieb of Variety, the influential Hollywood publication. For more information on the film, and how to buy tickets for it, visit the Apaporis site.

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