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The idea to celebrate Earth Day with not one but nine days (Earth Week) of environmentally focused activities was brought to the Monterey Institute by enthusiastic students who have embraced the idea of “Being the Solution,” and want to raise awareness about sustainability issues. According to the students the mission of Earth Week is to “catalyze the Monterey Institute community to be the sustainable solution” – and the vision is to actively educate our campus and the wider Monterey community to cultivate environmental leadership, innovation, and cultural change.

Each day of Earth Week is focusing on one issue that affects our environment such as, consumption, trash, food, energy, transportation, water, Eco-Sabbath, and ending with celebrating the Earth Day. Activities will include lectures on the importance of natural resources, the impact they have on our lives, and the consequences the world might suffer if the human behavior is unchanged. For a full schedule of events visit the Earth Week page elsewhere on this site.


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Jason Warburg

Eva Gudbergsdottir